Pointers for Peaceful Sailing

By Matt Stuczynski, Lead Instructor

We all enjoy sailing for its peace and quiet, and your sails should be as silent as you can make them, not just for a peaceful sail, but also to reduce wear and tear on thesails.  You can ensure a quiet sail by proper sail trim for your point of sail.  Thesame goes for sitting at the can; do not raise your sails until you are ready to cast off and you have already gone through your departure plans (including plans B and C) with your crew.  Luffing the sails at the can is loud, uncomfortable, and hard onthe material. 

One additional point about sail care:  Boat Maintenance has asked us NOT to raise the main with a winch.  It's not necessary for complete hoisting, and using a winch tends to stretch and distort the sail cloth.

Another reminder is to not practice or sail too much around the busy harbor mouth. Also, don't forget that tender drivers and boat owners can get nervous (especially those sitting on their boats) as we sail through the harbor.  Finally, remember that the west channel tends to have fluky, light winds and a lot of big boat traffic; stay away from the west channel as much as you can and when prudent.  

As we get into high summer, here's wishing you lots of peaceful and quiet sailing!