From the Editor/July 2015


By Steve VanderVoort, Editor                                      

Summer is here at last and after an extended period of unpredictable weather, the long term forecast seems to be warm and sunny.  We hope you've already had a chance to get out on the water, even with the unpredictable weather patterns.  Now that things seem to be improving, there's really no excuse not to be enjoying sailing on Lake Michigan in our fleet of Colgates, Rhodes, Ideals, and our cruising boat, Priorities.  If you're a Sail Chicago certified skipper, you can schedule a boat for private use when it's not being used for other program functions.  If you're not a skipper yet, schedule a Tiller Time if you've taken an instruction class in the past year, or sign up for a Member Cruise Outing. Both are free for members.  And if you feel more energetic, you can always sign up for our Colgate Racing program, where you can quickly hone your sailing skills.

Don't forget our social events.  The biggest one of the summer is coming up in a month.  It's our annual Sail Chicago picnic.  Here you can not only stuff yourself with gourmet delights, meet new sailing buddies, and swap sailing stories, but you can go sailing on one of our Colgates or on our cruising boat as well.  Look for more detailed information in the article below.

Boating safety is always a concern here at Sail Chicago. Our Rules and Regulations state that no alcohol is allowed on any boat in our fleet, and that everyone on a boat must wear a life jacket at all times (see article below).  Also, there is no swimming off any of our boats. 

Finally, remember that we are an all-volunteer organization.  This means that we've all got to pitch in and do our part to keep Sail Chicago strong and thriving. Several important positions in the organization need to be filled quickly (see article below).  Without people who are willing to step up, some of our programs will come to a halt.  All of these positions allow members of fulfill their annual service requirements, and some of them offer sailing credits.