Help bring our boats down the Chicago River.

By Kristen Miller, Maintenance Communications Assistant

Attention all sailors!  We are quickly approaching that time of the year when the weather cools down and sailing season is coming to an end.  Each year we take a trip up the river to get our boats out of the water and to the Canal Street Boat yard for routine maintenance work.  

This year we will be taking two trips.  The first one will be late September, early October to move two of our Colgates.  The second will be mid to late October to move the last four.  Each boat needs at LEAST three members, max of six, to help motor the boats through the locks and up the river.  The trip takes about two hours and is a really cool and unique experience.  We are even offering incentive this year - $30 in sailing credits to the first three volunteers per boat.  Each boat needs at least one skipper certified member but all members are encouraged to volunteer as crew and experience the river trip!  If interested for either of the two trips, email me immediately to reserve a spot!  If you've got questions, let me know.  Exact dates and times will be based on member availability.