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 Sail Chicago is a not-for-profit community sailing program. 
Its mission is to offer quality instruction in sailing and boating safety, and to provide affordable sailing opportunities to its members and others in the Chicago area.
Issue #8
August, 2015

By Gary Thrane, Associate Editor


Gary Thrane

Well, the weather has finally turned summery!  All through June, it seemed like it was never going to clear up, or even warm up.  But at last, sailors can go forth without automatically donning their foul weather gear.  If you're a skipper, we hope you've been out for private sails.  Members can also get  out on the Lake with MCOs (Member Cruise Outings).  Students can sign up for, and skippers can lead, Tiller Times. Skippers can also have fun as they fulfill their volunteer duties out on the water (see "Summer Youth Programs" article below).  


If you're looking to go out with an experienced skipper or you are a skipper looking for crew, consider the Sail Chicago Share-a-Sail program (see article below).


(An error on the Sail Chicago web site has been corrected:  the maximum number of people who can sail on Priorities is seven as has always been the rule in the Sail Chicago Rules and Regulations.)


Colgate 26 Racing
Colgates under sail.


Steve Colgate, designer of the Colgate 26, the backbone of our Sail Chicago fleet, will be inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame on October 4. To learn more about Steve, his many accomplishments, and his contributions to the art and science of sailing, click here.



By David Shayne, Share-a-Sail Coordinator


There's still plenty of time to get out on the lake but summer is fleeting (pun intended).   Join and use Share-a-Sail to secure crew or a qualified skipper.   Just go to Google Groups, search for Share-a-Sail and leave your name and email address there.   Be sure to give your whole name.   You'll be able to post and receive emails from other Sail Chicago members who would like to get together and go sailing.  Both members and Sail-into-Summer students can participate.   And if you do not have your email address or phone on the directory, please add either or both.   Check your directory listing. It's tough to reach you otherwise.


Hunter 34

An error on the Sail Chicago web site has been corrected.  Priorities skippers should be aware that the maximum number of persons allowed on Priorities is seven (7).  When in doubt about what is required, skippers should consult the Sail Chicago Rules and Regulations.

Sail Chicago's Bareboat Cruising Program is off to a great start!  To read more about the first adventure and to see some photos of the first excursion, click here.
July 9 - Board Meeting
Announcements - Gary Thrane
Boat Licensing & Registration - Ottilie Young
Bookkeeper - Jay Owens
Between the Sheets - Steve VanderVoort
Chairman - Chris Schuler
Colgate 26 Racing - Bob Cohen 
Cruising - Bob Lapin
Instruction - Michael Swisher
Lawrence Hall Youth Services - Norm Linde
Lead Instructor - Matt Stuczynski
Marketing - Adam Wisneski
Member Cruise Outings - 
Membership - Faith Hillis
Monroe Parking & Tender Passes - Vlad Roshchin &         Annette Faber
Purchasing - Dana Smith
Reservations - Peter Dudak
Safety - John Lemon
Schuler Scholars - Tom Simms
Seminars - Paul Demmel
Service Requirements - Christine Garvey
Share-a-Sail - David Shayne
Social - Pat Webster
Strictly Sail Chicago Show - Emma Lynch
Surveys - Gary Thrane
Tiller Time - Steven Clar & Julia Liu 
Treasurer - Steve VanderVoort
Webmaster - Alfred Chan

Maintenance Hotline and 

Accident Reporting

Chris Schuler 
Steve VanderVoort
Vice Chairman
 Maya Teleki
 Christine Garvey 

Alfred Chan

Bob Cohen

Dan Flavin

Bob Lapin

Shawn Lord
Martin Modahl
Matt Stuczynski
Michael Swisher  


Renew Your Sail Chicago Membership Now  

To renew your Sail Chicago membership online using a credit card,click here.  If you'd prefer to mail in your renewal and pay by check click here to print a paper form.


Fulfill your Annual Service Requirement - Volunteer Opportunities Available

All Sail Chicago members must fulfill an annual service requirement before they can participate in on-the-water activities.  To check out the many volunteer opportunities in Sail Chicago,  click here.

Help our Community Outreach Programs
Please consider volunteering to skipper or crew on a weekday afternoon sail with one of our three groups that take underprivileged children sailing. Skippering five or more times will fulfill your service requirement for the following year. For more information on the Lawrence Hall Youth Services, Urban Youth, and Schuler Scholars, go to the Sail Chicago Website.

Join or Renew Your US Sailing Membership at a Discount Through MVP
Sail Chicago members can join or renew their US Sailing membership at a $10 discount through the US Sailing Member Value Partner program.

Join the Share-a-Sail Program
If you need crew or you want to volunteer as crew, our Share-a-Sail program is for you.  Just go to 
Google Groups and search for Share-a-Sail and leave your name and email address there. You'll be able to post and receive emails from other Sail Chicago members who would like to get together and go sailing.  Both members and Sail-into-Summer students can participate.

How to take a Boat Out of Service

If you believe that a boat is, for any reason, not safe to sail, you may request that it immediately be taken out of service. Do this by e-mailing Make sure that the e-mail includes your name, phone number, and e-mail address, the reason why you believe the boat should be taken out of service, and a brief description of the accident or incident that caused the problem (if applicable).

Shop Amazon Smile and Donate to Sail Chicago
When you shop online at Amazon Smile, Sail Chicago will receive a donation of .5% of your eligible purchases.  It's a great way to both give and receive.  To get started, click here.

Share your Photos
We're looking for photos of Sail Chicago boats, members, and activities.  To upload your photos simply attach them to an email and address it to

Missing Previous Issues of Between the Sheets?
You can always find the current issue and an archive of previous issues of Between the Sheets
at the first (and open to the public) page of the Sail Chicago website.  Look under "News/Newsletter."


Ideal 18
Ideal 18
By Matt Stuczynski, Lead Instructor
For those small keelboat skippers already familiar with the Ideal 18's, we will again be offering a single-handed sailing course this season. The two-session course will be starting this month with classes on Sunday, August 16th, and Saturday, August 29th. The course will deal with the special and thrilling aspects of single-handling a boat; what to expect, what to plan for, and how to handle various situations unique to sailing alone. The class can accommodate three students who will gain the confidence and skills to go out on their own. 
Interested small keelboat skippers can sign up on the Sail Chicago web site's instructional page.   The cost is $100.
Students in a recent class
Sail Chicago's instruction program is having another great year!  Due to popular demand, we have added a couple of Basic and Intermediate courses to our instruction roster.  If you like to see if these newly added courses are still available, please go to the instruction page of the Sail Chicago website in the near future.

As an all-volunteer organization, we are grateful to the instructors who volunteer their time to teach these courses. 


Schuler Scholars on a recent sail.

Sail Chicago sponsors three summer community outreach programs aimed at Chicago-area youth.  Some wonderful sails have been completed and it seems likely that more than a few young people now see sailing as a sport they'd like to learn. The three programs are:

  • Urban Youth Sailing  Sail Chicago here works with Association House which is dedicated to promoting health and educational opportunities for multi-cultural enrichment. Urban Youth sailors are aged ten to 13, and they receive their first experience sailing with us on one of our Colgates. Trips out on the Lake last for an hour or two and meet at 1:00 p.m. every Tuesday in July and August at Monroe Street Harbor.
  • Schüler Scholar Program This organization works with high-potential but under-served students to prepare them for attendance at the most competitive colleges and universities.  All through high school, Schuler scholars are tutored and counseled to ensure they reach their high potential. Sail Chicago provides one of the Schuler Scholar Program's enrichment activities by sponsoring sails aboard our Colgate fleet. Sails last for two to three hours and leave at 1:00 p.m. every Wednesday from mid-June to mid-August from Monroe Harbor.
  • Lawrence Hall Youth Services For eight years, Sail Chicago has worked with this service organization to provide a sailing experience for the adolescents that they serve. The young people who sail with us get to take the helm of our cruising boat, Priorities, and learn a bit about the art of sailing.  Sails last for two to three hours and leave Belmont Harbor at 1:00 p.m. every Tuesday from mid-June to August 31.

Every youth program cruise has a Sail Chicago skipper and first mate supervising.  Counselors from the various programs also sail with us.  Sail Chicago volunteers earn service time for their sails as well as the satisfaction of helping very deserving youth...and having a lot of fun, too.   To volunteer for any of these programs contact the Sail Chicago program coordinator by clicking on any one of these: Urban Youth, Schuler Scholar, or Lawrence Hall.



By Steven Clar and Julia Liu, Tiller Time Coordinators


We are happy to see so many students signing up for Tiller Times this season. Tiller Times are important opportunities for students to practice what they learned in class and to hone their skills. Since there are limited availabilities for Tiller Time, in the event anyone can't make his or her scheduled session, please make sure to cancel your reservation on the website as soon as possible so the seat can be made available for other students to sign up. Last-minute cancellations not only prevent your fellow students from a Tiller Time opportunity, but in some cases, could force the whole Tiller Time to be cancelled since Colgate's require at least three sailors on board.

Also, if you sign up for a Tiller Time, please be sure your contact information is available on the website since skippers often need to notify students of Tiller Time changes or cancellations. You can check to see that your contact info is available and up to date at the Sail Chicago member directory. Some people left their contact info private unintentionally since they didn't see the check-box to mark it public. If you prefer to keep your contact info listed as private, please email your contact info to your skippers so they have a way to get in touch with you. Thanks and enjoy the water!



By Christine Garvey, Board Secretary   

The following items were reported to the Board:
  • Instruction  Classes have sold out.  But a few more may be added.
  • Maintenance   Meridian is back on the water.  Tom Peterson will take over for Dan Flavin as maintenance coordinator for the rest of the season.
  • Marketing   The new website has about 400 hits each week and comes up 2nd or 3rd when people search for sailing lessons in Chicago.  200 names have been added to our email list for potential members.
  • Programs   Four or five boats participate in racing each week.



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