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Issue #6June, 2011 

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Sail Chicago is a volunteer-driven organization that instills confidence, teamwork, and a sense of community through a range of educational and recreational sailing programs that emphasize sailing competence and boating safety.  We are committed to providing access to the enjoyment of sailing to everyone in the greater Chicago area.


With boats located in four separate harbors along Chicago's lakefront, Sail Chicago has for over fifty years been offering sailing instruction and access to sailing without the cost of private ownership and boat maintenance.  Our many sailing programs include outreach to Chicago youth, adult sailing instruction at a variety of levels, recreational sailing, cruising, and racing.


From the Editor...
By Steve VanderVoort, BTS Editor
Steve VanderVoort
In April, I found an ancillary benefit to my Sail Chicago membership - other members may invite you to exotic places.  Ed Schroeder and Lois Lawson had chartered a 45' Hunter for a week to sail around the Spanish Virgin Islands of Vieques and Culebra, just east of Puerto Rico, and they invited my wife and me to go along.  Also on board was Sail Chicago member Jack Shubat and Ed's daughter, Debbie.  Younger Sail Chicago members who heard of our planned adventure promptly dubbed it "the geezer cruise," but we didn't care - we felt young-at-heart, and we had a great time!
The boat turned out to be vastly over-accessorized, what with air-conditioning, a plasma TV, an electric refrigerator and freezer, power flush toilets, and an abundance of electronic navigation equipment.  This was hardly what we'd been used to with our Sail Chicago fleet.  We were impressed until we realized that we would have to run the motor virtually 24/7 in order to keep a decent charge on the batteries. 
Spanish Virgin Islands
Members of the "Geezer Cruise"
While Vieques was disappointing (it had been used for target practice by the US Navy for about 20 years during and after WW II, and there was still some unexploded ordinance lying around),  Culebra was a delight.  The beaches were magnificent, and we all agreed that the snorkeling was about the best we'd ever experienced.  The weather was sunny (mostly), The wind was a steady 15-20K ENE, and the meals, prepared primarily by Chef Shubat, were the equal of any fine Chicago restaurant.
Yes, Sail Chicago membership does, indeed, have its benefits!  I would never have had the opportunity to experience such a fantastic adventure if it hadn't have been for the friends I've met here.
Sail Chicago Donates Old Sails

As many of you know, this year Sail Chicago acquired new sails for its Monroe fleet.  Of course, the question now becomes, what do we do with all those old blown-out sails.  Thanks to Sail Chicago member Matt Stuczynski, we have the answer.


Matt ran across a group of local Chicago artists who are collecting material for a summer art program with the Uptown Boys and Girls Club.  This material will be transformed into a temporary art project that will be exhibited in August.  He has volunteered to pass our old sails on to them.  It's great to see them being put to such colorful use.  Let us know, Matt, where the exhibit is in August, and we'll take some pictures to share with other Sail Chicago members.

From the Editor...
Sail Chicago Donates Old Sails
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Are You Set to Sail?
Final Dryland is on the Horizon
Tiller Times are Fun for Skipper & Crew
Learn to Fly (a Spinnaker)!
Know the Weather on June 27
Want to Sail Meridian?
Watch for Shoals!
Have Fun at Open Racing
Enjoy Friends & Family on July 16
Maintenance Reporting Saves Down Time
Don't Miss Basic Keelboat Instruction
Cruising Program Recovers from "Bump"
Sail Chicgo Members Navigate Course
"Don't Fry Day" Celebrated May 27
Parking and Tender Passes Available
Ideal Jib Covers Create Flap
Meet the Board - Chris Schuler
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Who to Contact 
Chairman - Sam Veilleux
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BTS Editor - Steve VanderVoort
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Cruising Boats - Chris Riegel
Fleet 12 Racing - Sally Hamann
Instruction (Dryland) - Dan Flavin
Instruction/Registration - David Bowen
Lead Instructor - John Lemon
Maintenance (Summer) - Dean Hackenberg
Maintenance (Winter) - Joe Kucharski
Marketing - Mike Parapetti
Membership - Lois Lawson
Open Racing - Tom & Hewly Prucher
Safety - Ed Schroeder
Social - Pat Webster
Swim Test - Rob Wakerly
Tiller Time - Chris Garvey
Treasurer - Jay Owens
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Frank Loftus 

Maureen Huston

John Lemon
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Chris Riegel

Chris Schuler
Steve VanderVoort
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Pat Webster
Are You Set to Sail?


Please remember that in order to participate in on-the-water activities with Sail Chicago this season you need to be current in each of the following areas:

  1. Membership dues paid  
  2. Scheduled for Summer Maintenance* (contact or call 312.409.9000)
  3. Service time requirement met* (make sure that your team captain reports your completed service time)
  4. Adequate funds in your Member Account to cover the cost of the activity.

Once these four items are complete, you will be able to rent boats, take classes, participate in tiller times, open racing, and member cruise outings. 


And each time before you sail, don't forget to check the "Boat Statuses" page on the Sail Chicago website to learn of potential problems with your boat.  If you don't, you may find yourself and your crew left "high and dry" on shore. 


Finally, report any problems with your boat to the Maintenance Hotline, 312-409-9000 or


*New members are exempt from these requirements.

Final Dryland Is on the Horizon
The final Dryland of this year's sailing season will take place on Tuesday, June 14, 6:30 - 9:30 pm at the Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club at Montrose Harbor.  This introductory class in sailing is also an introduction to Sail Chicago.  It's free, not just to members, but to anyone in the Chicago area.  If you
Yellow PFD

Yellow PFD

have friends who you think just might be interested in sailing but are always busy with something else, bring them to Dryland and we'll help convince them! 
As an added bonus, this year attractive modern yellow PFDs with lots of nice features, including plenty of adjustment straps, reflective stitching, and comfortable fit are available for the extraordinarily low price of $50 (including tax).  Don't miss out! 
While Dryland is free to everyone, it helps us to plan if we know who will be attending.  Please let Dan Flavin know you'll be there.  Thanks.
Tiller Time is Fun for Skippers & Crew
chris Garvey

Chris Garvey

By Chris Garvey, Tiller Time Coordinator


Basic Keelboat Skippers needed to skipper Tiller Times

Skippers are needed for basic keelboat Tiller Times.  Basic keelboat Skipper includes certification on the Rhodes (at Monroe or Montrose Harbors), the Ideal 18's and the Colgate 26 (both at Monroe Harbor).  You can become a Tiller Time skipper if you have been a Rhodes Skipper for at least one year (for the Rhodes) or are a certified Skipper on the Ideals or the Colgate.


Tiller Time Skippers may schedule a Tiller Time any time of the day and any day of the week that a boat is not being used for formal instruction.  In order to offer as many sailing opportunities as possible to our Sail Chicago members, we are trying to be very flexible with regards to your time and schedule.


The benefits of being a Tiller Time skipper include:

  • You will have fun sailing!
  • You will be able to meet new people who may crew for you on future sails.
  • You can fulfill your service time requirement by signing up for 5 tiller times.

If you are on a Rhodes or the Colgate, you can bring a first mate of your choice, so that in the event no one signs up, you can still go out and sail.  (Please note:  When sailing on an Ideal 18, the first mate choice is not an option).  To sign up, please contact Chris Garvey.

Sail Chicago Members - Sign up for Tiller Times


Rhodes 19

Having fun during Tiller Time

Members can sign up for Tiller Time on the Sail Chicago website.  After logging in, click on "Reserve Program Seats" to find an open date and seat.  In order to give a greater number of people to participate in Tiller Time, you may make only 2 reservations at the same time.  If you are unable to find a Tiller Time at a time that's convenient for you, check back later at the Sail Chicago website.  New Tiller Times are being scheduled throughout the summer. 

Make sure you contact the skipper BEFORE the sail in order to confirm the date, time and place to meet.  Since we are offering multiple times, harbors, and boats, we want to make sure everyone is meeting at the correct place and time.
Last year Tiller Time was extremely popular.  If you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours prior to the sail.  But, please cancel rather than just not show up.  Valuable time is wasted waiting for people at the harbor only to have them not show up, and someone may be able to take your place.  Tiller Time skippers may determine whether or not to cancel the sail due to bad weather at the harbor.  Often, it may be raining in the city, but at the water's edge it is not raining and ok to sail.


Learn to Fly (a Spinnaker)!
Tom & Hewly Prucher

Tom & Hewly Prucher

By Tom & Hewly Prucher, Open Racing Coordinators


On June 4th, the Open Racing Program will introduce the use of spinnakers in racing.  At the dock we will learn how to rig the spinnaker. We'll talk about the basics of raising, jibing, and lowering the spinnaker.  We will go out on the water, weather permitting, to practice downwind sailing. We will finish the day racing with spinnakers.


Learning to fly (a spinnaker)!

There will be a boat captain, a "drill leader/instructor", and two crew on

each boat.  For the four boats there are only eight seats available.  We have limited those seats to sailors with some experience, essentially anyone who has taken classes last year or before. 

Register online beginning May 24th at  The cost is $20.  Complete the "Member Sign In", click on "Reserve Program Seats", choose "Open Racing", click on "Find Seats", pick the date (June 4th), pick a boat, and reserve a seat.  For more information e-mail


Know the Weather on June 27
By Paul Demmel, Seminar Coordinator
Milwaukee Lighthouse

The weather is always with us.

Please join us Monday, June 27, 7:00 - 8:30 pm in the community room of the REI Lincoln Park store, 1466 N Halsted Street, Chicago, for the second sailing seminar of the season on Weather and Sailing!  Topics include:
  • Preparation
  • General Chicago wind patterns
  • Thermals
  • Cloud types
  • Severe weather signs
  • Dying wind signs
Our instructor Erik Schneider is a US Sailing certified Regional Race Officer and Powerboat Instructor, a sailor and a weather enthusiast.  No registration required.  Questions?  Please contact Paul Demmel.  
Want to Sail Meridian?
By John Lemon, Lead Instructor

John Lemon

Since we launched Meridian, our new Colgate 26, last month, we've been busy integrating her into our Basic Keelboat fleet.  We have conducted over a dozen orientation sessions and have checked out 40 skippers from the ranks of current ER, Isis, and Erica skippers!  The first Tiller Time sail went out last week, and by all accounts everyone enjoyed the experience.  More Tiller Time sails are scheduled in the next few weeks, and members are encouraged to sign up to sail this excellent boat.
Everyone who has sailed the Colgate 26 has been impressed with its ease of sailing, well-thought-out design, and comfortable cockpit.  It is maneuverable enough to sail in and out of the harbor in many conditions.  We have sailed the boat in 25+ knot winds and have felt very safe and comfortable sailing on a reefed main and furled jib.

Chicago skyline from Meridian

The Basic Keelboat program is offering a short qualification course for all current Rhodes/Ideal skippers beginning in June.  The course will consist of two on-the-water sessions; the course fee is $100. Classes will be scheduled based on instructor availability. The course will cover aspects of sailing a larger boat, using the furling jib, reefing, and operating the boat under motor power.  Meridian is equipped with a 3-HP outboard motor that gives the skipper the option of motoring in and out of the harbor and docking to pick up passengers.  Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to reserve the boat for your own use.
For skippers contemplating gaining qualification to sail our cruising boats, this course is an excellent intermediate step.  The class will introduce you to many features found on larger cruising boats, yet the Colgate 26 is responsive and maneuverable similar to our smaller keelboats.  Sign up using the online form.  Indicate times you are generally available, i.e. evenings, weekends, etc.  If you have questions regarding the course, email
Watch for Shoals! 
Morgan Shoal

Chart of the Morgan Shoal

Summer is here, and it's time to have fun with our Sail Chicago fleet.  Remember though, that even on the best of days, danger is always lurking, not only on the water, but UNDER it as well. 


There are several shoals in the Hyde Park area, stretching from 45th Street to 59th street along Jackson Park.   Morgan Shoal is the most dangerous.  Lying half a mile off 48th Street in Hyde Park, the bedrock of the shoal rises to just 6 feet below the Lake Michigan surface.  Depending upon weather conditions and wind direction, that depth can vary by as much as a foot. 


Unless there's bright sun, it is impossible to see the shoals from the deck of an approaching vessel.  Ed Schroeder, our Safety Director suggests that if you're sailing south of McCormick Place, stay at least three quarters of a mile from shore, and if you're sailing in unfamiliar waters anywhere, first review the charts.


Have Fun at Open Racing Starting June 11
Tom & Hewly
Tom & Hewly Prucher

By Tom & Hewly Prucher, Open Racing Coordinators


Calling all racers - experienced, not so experienced, and new to the sport!  Join us most Saturday mornings at Montrose Harbor for Open Racing!  You will improve your sailing skills (it is immediately obvious how well you are sailing!), learn a new vocabulary (room at the mark, protest, heading up, timed start), get to know wonderful people (no explanation needed), and have a great time in the process.


Heading toward the finish line

We have several short races so that anyone who is interested has a chance to skipper a race.  Other jobs are rotated around the boat so everyone can time the start, work the traveler, trim the jib and watch out for the other boats.  You do not need to find crew; we make the boat assignments, putting experienced and inexperienced sailors in each boat.  Sailing dates are:


June 11, 18, 25

July 9, 16, 23, 30

August 6, 13, 20, 27


We meet at Montrose Harbor at 8:00 AM and finish about 1:00 PM.  The Open Racing fee is $20 per racing day.  To register, sign up on-line at the club website  Sign on with your password, click on "Reserve Program Seats", choose "Open Racing", click on "Find Seats", pick a date, pick a boat, reserve a seat. For information e-mail us.  
Enjoy Friends & Family on July 16

By Pat Webster, Social Director 

2010 Picnic Organizers

Sail Chicago members at 2010 Friends and Family Barbecue


On Saturday, July 16th Sail Chicago is once again hosting a social sailing event for our members and their guests.  It will be held at Montrose Harbor from 1:00 - 5:00 pm.  We will be barbecuing and taking folks out on our Rhodes 19 fleet, our Colgate, and possibly our larger boats as well.  Save the date so you can enjoy a great afternoon of sailing camaraderie. 


If you have friends whom you think might be interested in an introductory sailing experience, plan to bring them along.  They'll have a chance to take a sail and meet some great people who love to share their enthusiasm for sailing.


Maintenance Reporting Saves Down Time


Joe Kucharski

By Joe Kucharski, Winter Maintenance Director 


 During the course of the sailing season we encounter those times when parts fail and repairs are required.  The normal process requires that the failure be recorded and reported to the summer maintenance program as quickly as possible especially when the failure makes the vessel non functional.  As part of the reporting process we are requesting that if you encounter a mechanical failure and have a camera phone or a camera with you please take photographs of the problem area and submit them to



Boat in need of maintenance

The reason for this reporting is to minimize the amount of down time we experience for repairs. Currently after a report is made someone generally has to go out to the boat, determine what is needed and make a second trip out to the boat to install the component.  The photographs can be forwarded to the summer maintenance team on call and will provide the maintenance team with information and allow us to secure the components and make one trip out to the boat, make the repair and return the boat to service.  Your cooperation is appreciated and keeps our fleet  operational.  Sail on!


Don't Miss Out on Basic Keelboat Instruction

By John Lemon, Lead Instructor


John Lemon


Warm weather is here!  Get out on the water and sharpen your sailing skills in a Basic Keelboat class!
After suffering through a miserable May, June's warm weather is upon us.  The Basic Keelboat Instruction program has a number of classes at all levels (Basic, Intermediate, and Skipper Prep) available for the session beginning June 4.  If you haven't joined Sail Chicago yet and taken advantage of our New Member package, you still have time to get out on the water.  We still have

Rhodes 19

Basic Keelboat Instruction

room in our Basic Sailing

classes for you.  You can still sign up for Dryland class in June and get in a full

summer of sailing.  The New Member package entitles you to many free sailing and social activities as well. 

If you are currently a member and are thinking about enrolling in a class, don't delay. Intermediate Sailing, Skipper Prep, and Introduction to Racing classes are available if you want to expand your skills under the guidance of an experienced instructor.
Classes are also available in the sessions beginning July 9 and August 6.  Details are available on our website.  You can sign up using our online enrollment form.
See you on the water!


Cruising Program Recovers from "Bump"
Chris Riegel

Chris Riegel

By Chris Riegel, Cruising Program Coordinator 

On Sunday May 15, Emotional Rescue broke loose from its mooring in Monroe Harbor during a severe storm that started late Friday and continued throughout the weekend.  Gale force winds together with two foot waves pounded the boats at the south end of the harbor.  At least one boat sank, while others were torn form their moorings.

The Chicago Police Marine Unit was able to pull ER from the south harbor wall to the north touch-and-go.  The damage sustained by the boat was critical enough, however, that our insurance company declared ER a total loss.  While we are saddened by the loss, we are grateful that no one was harmed, and that the insurance company has offered to reimburse us the full insured value of the boat.


What happens next, and what does this mean for the lofty goals established for this year's Cruising Program? 


First, when dealt lemons make the best lemonade money can buy!  We are in the process of selecting a more modern cruising boat replacement that allows us to teach up-to-date cruising as well as to offer a private rental in a capacity new to this organization.  We intend to take full advantage of the "buyers' market" for used cruising boats.  Some of the features in the modern cruising boats under consideration include:  

  • Furling Jib
  • Instrumentation (Speed/Wind/Depth/Modern GPS)
  • Wheel steering
  • Self Tailing winches
  • Lazy Jacks
  • Autohelm
  • Water System
  • Stove and Oven

Second, classes and program activity will continue as scheduled.  Our first Cruising Class is scheduled for this Saturday (June 4th).  This class will start as scheduled on Meridian.  Although technically part of the small keelboat program, Meridian provides an excellent "teaching platform" given the layout and size of the cockpit.  We anticipate having the new cruising boat in place within the next few weeks.


In summary, we remain focused on the continued improvement and offerings of the Cruising Program.  We do not anticipate any delays to classes or program activities.  I view this bump in the road as an opportunity to modernize and continue to add value to the program's offerings.  As always, I am interested in hearing your feedback and answering any questions.


Onward and upward!



Sail Chicago Members Navigate Course
Coastal Navigation Class

Merle Baker kicks off Coastal Navigation class

On Tuesday, May 24, over 20 Sail Chicago members and friends gathered in the REI Lincoln Park Community Room to learn about the intricacies of coastal navigation.  Instructors and Sail Chicago members Merle Baker and Winifred Ormond presented the group with the tremendous variety of aids to navigation that are available to sailors today, not only traditional charts, tide books, sighting compasses, dividers, rulers, etc., but electronic devices like GPS systems, depth-sounders, electronic charts and plotters.  But the best were the tales they wove of the times in their own sailing experiences where a firm knowledge of navigation skills was absolutely essential.


After the formal part of the presentation, members were allowed to closely inspect the charts that the instructors had brought along and to plot their own courses using traditional course-plotting techniques.  The conclusion that many members came to is that, while electronic navigation aids are easy and helpful, the batteries can discharge and the electronics can fail.  Therefore, it's safest to always go to sea with a traditional chart and know how to use it.


"Don't Fry Day" Celebrated May 27
Hat, sunscreen, glasses 
This little-known holiday, celebrated the Friday before Memorial Day each year, should have much greater public awareness, especially among sailors, who are often exposed to the ravages of the sun.  It's particularly easy for sailors to get too much sun because, in effect, they're double-dipping every time they go out:  direct exposure to the sun's UV rays plus the rays reflected back from the water's surface. 
While we all know how painful a sunburn can be, it's the insidious long-term effects of sun exposure that are particularly dangerous - melanoma and skin cancer are among them.  That's why we always lather up with sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and a broad-brimmed hat.  UV protective clothing can also be an important part of any sailor's wardrobe. 
Although, as sailors, we're all aware of these basic rules of sun-protection, the friends we take sailing may not be.  Please make sure that your friends are properly equipped for the sun before you take them out.  You'll be doing them a big favor!
Parking and Tender Passes Available Again

Monroe Harbor Parking  and Tender Passes are now available for skippers of small keelboats, including Meridian.  As a skipper for a designated sail, you may obtain one pass for the parking garage, and two passes for the tender service.


Because the East Monroe Garage is closed this season for repairs, you have two options:

  1. Millennium Park: Opens at 10 am M-F; 24hours on Sat and Sun
  2. DuSable Harbor: 24/7 access

At Monroe Harbor one parking pass and two tender passes are granted to each of the six small keelboats and to Meridian. The passes may be signed out by the designated skipper for these boats for the 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. rental period OR during the day as long as the passes are returned to the UPS mailbox by 5:00 p.m. The only cost is $30 to rent keys from The UPS Store. The passes are available at a nearby downtown location with 24/7 access.


Montrose Harbor Parking Pass for skippers will be available by May 15.  


If you are a returning pass user for either harbor, or if you are new and would like more information about the program, email  


Ideal Jib Covers Create Flap 
There have been problems with the jib covers on both Ideals coming unsnapped and unzipping themselves in the high winds of late.  The result is a wind sock at the top of the mast until the wind calms down, which adds wear and tear to the cover.  the Summer Maintenance Program will be placing some sail ties or short pieces of line on board.  At the end of the sail, Ideal skippers need to tie a sail tie around the cover, above and below the clew of the jib.
Meet the Board - Chris Schuler

(This is an occasional column authored by members of the Board.  Hopefully, it will allow our members an opportunity to know the folks who set long term policy for Sail Chicago.) 

Chris Schuler

Chris Schuler


How and when did you first become involved in sailing?

My grandparents introduced me to sailing.  My grandfather was retired military and they had a boat on Carlyle Lake near St. Louis.  When we'd visit in the summers we'd go out and he'd let me take the tiller and give me a spot on land to point the bow towards.  I thought it was so cool to be 9 years old in charge and steering the boat.  Later, in high school they gave me a wooden El Toro dinghy that was in pretty bad shape.  I spent an entire winter stripping it down to the wood, resetting all the nails and repainted and varnished it.  It was my first experience with winter maintenance and it was beautiful when I finished it.  I would drive it up to a lake in the summer and sailed it quite a bit, learning by feel.


What's the best time you've ever had sailing? What was your scariest sailing experience?

Best time and scariest time happen to be the same.  Back again on Carlyle Lake sailing with my father and grandfather.  We were pretty far out on the lake when a microburst storm came out of nowhere.  The wind started to howl and the rain was coming down in buckets.  He doused the sails and started the motor to get to the lee side of a small island on the lake and they threw me into the cuddy with my arms wrapped around the mast.  The boat was getting tossed about and as I looked out into the cockpit all I could hear was the outboard motor noise as it came in and out of the waves.  I was pretty scared but the visual memory burned into my brain were the huge smiles on my rain soaked father and grandfather.  I think of that day often when sailing a Rhodes on gusty days with good size waves.  My smile would have matched theirs on that day. 

How and when did you become involved with Sail Chicago?

I've lived in Chicago since 1994 and for many years would see boats sailing and wishing I could be out there with them.  Funds didn't allow a new car much less a boat so I put it out of my mind as impossible for many years.  My wife knew I wanted to get out there, so she did some research and found out about Sail Chicago and their classes.  She gave me my lessons as a Christmas gift.  That was 6 years ago.  I got my skippers card that summer and checked out on ER the following summer.


What do you enjoy most about Sail Chicago?

I enjoy getting the opportunity to teach lessons.  I really love teaching the beginner class, introducing the new excited students to sailing on lake Michigan and talking about all that Sail Chicago has to offer them. 

What motivated you to join the Board?

I was encouraged to join by Sam Veilleux.  We talked this spring at the instructors meeting, and he let me know that positions had come available and that they would like my help.  Being on the board will be a great way to give back to Sail Chicago. 

What do you believe should be Sail Chicago's most important goals?

One goal should be to reach out to those lost Chicago sailors that think sailing on Lake Michigan isn't possible without a huge bank account.  I want Chicagoans to realize that for the last 50 years a great group of sailors have been working together to create a wonderful sailing community and that it's open to everyone that wants to get involved.


Sail Chicago Reminders


Summer Maintenance

If you haven't signed up for Summer Maintenance, do it now by e-mailing or phone the Maintenance Hotline at 312-409-9000.  As part of our Annual Service Requirement, all members of Sail Chicago (except new members in their first summer) must register for one week of  Summer Maintenance if they would like to participate in any on-the-water programs. 


Boat Statuses

Prior to your scheduled sail, check the Boat Statuses page on the Sail Chicago website to learn whether or not your boat is fit to sail.  Don't be disappointed by getting to the harbor and finding that your boat is out of commission.  If you experience a problem with your boat or are part of an accident on the water, notify Summer Maintenance immediately using the phone number or e-mail above.

Chicago Skyline
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