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 Sail Chicago is a not-for-profit community sailing program. 
Its mission is to offer quality instruction in sailing and boating safety, and to provide affordable sailing opportunities to its members and others in the Chicago area.
Issue #12
December, 2015
By Steve Vandervoort, Editor
Steve Vandervoort
A couple of weeks ago I was privileged to attend Sail Chicago's annual Post-Season Awards Dinner and Celebration at the Columbia Yacht (see article below).  While it was great to get back together with all my summer sailing buddies, for me the heart of the evening was watching as our Chairman, Chris Schuler gave out the awards for outstanding service to some of our member-volunteers who'd gone well beyond the minimum necessary to fulfill their annual service requirement.  My heart swelled with gratitude for the countless hours of service they have given to help make Sail Chicago such a success.
One awardee really stood out for me, perhaps because we've worked closely together on several projects over the years and I've had a chance to view her dedication to Sail Chicago "up close and personal."  By her own admission, Pat Webster started off her time in Sail Chicago as a rather timid sailor.  She wasn't quite sure that she'd enjoy being out on the big lake in a small boat, but once there, she found it exhilarating.  With a career in the Naperville public school system and free summers, she had lots of opportunity to sail, and she took advantage of it, becoming an accomplished skipper on all classes of our small keelboat fleet.
Pat also became involved with other aspects of Sail Chicago, starting with our winter maintenance program. But she really found her niche as Social Program Coordinator.  As she says, "I love to throw a good party!" and believe me, she really knows how.  She's held this position for as long as I can remember, having great summer picnics for members and friends in the sun and rain, planning parties that range from simple get-togethers at local pubs, to the recent Post-Season extravaganza, to organizing events like our Annual Meeting.  And while I know she's occasionally been frustrated trying to find volunteers to help her, she's always come through in the end.
Pat's also served in a leadership capacity on the Sail Chicago Board for several years, where I've worked with her on several Board committees and had the greatest opportunity to watch her in action.  She was always thoughtful and thorough, doing her "homework," and coming to meetings well-prepared.  She also never hesitated to be outspoken for what she believed in. While we didn't always agree on issues that came up, I found her to be a good listener, and she never let differing opinions get in the way of personal relationships.
This year has been a big year for Pat.  She took early retirement from the Naperville public school system, and she will be retiring from her position as Social Program Coordinator with Sail Chicago.  This winter she'll be spending a couple of months in Florida, " see if I like the climate."  I'm sure she will.
Thanks, Pat, for going "above and beyond" in your service to Sail Chicago.  You are the epitome of the volunteer spirit that makes Sail Chicago thrive as a community of dedicated sailors here in our great metropolis of Chicago!
Board Meeting - December 10
Strictly Sail Chicago Show - January 14 -18
Board Meeting - January 12
Board Meeting - February 9
Annual Meeting, - March 2
Board Meeting - March 8
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Strictly Sail 2016
By Steve VanderVoort, Strictly Sail Show Coordinator

Chicago is about to freeze over and we are longing to be back on the water, but luckily the Midwest's premier sailing show is coming in January to help with the winter blues. Strictly Sail Chicago has joined forces with the Chicago Boat, Sports & RV Show for a truly spectacular event January 14-18 at McCormick Place.
Hundreds of local and national exhibitors will fill the South Hall, giving sailors the chance to preview the latest in sailboats and equipment.   This is a great opportunity for Sail Chicago members and students to make connections in the sailing community, attend seminars, and pick up sailing gear for the upcoming season at a significant discount .
Sail Chicago has long been part of this event and we are fortunate to have been well-represented by
Volunteers at 2015 Show
volunteers at our exhibit over the years. Let's make this another great year!  Volunteers will get into the show for free and will have the chance to browse exhibits or tour the boats on display before or after their shifts.   Your commitment will be just a few hours of chatting about your enthusiasm for sailing with potential new members of Sail Chicago--a pretty good deal!
Volunteer times are:
Thurs, Jan 14: 11am-3pm, 3-6pm or 6-9pm  
Fri, Jan 15: 11am-3pm, 3-6pm or 6-9pm
Sat, Jan 16: 10am-2pm, 2-6pm, 6-9pm
Sun, Jan 17: 10am-1pm, 1-4pm, 4-7pm
Mon (ML King Day): 10am-1pm. 1-5 pm
If you'd like to sign up, please contact Sarah Pellegrino via email.   Be sure to include "Strictly Sail" in the subject line, and indicate your 1st and 2nd time slot preferences, cell phone number, and whether you are a student, new member, or veteran sail Chicago member. Hope to see you at the show!
To find out more about the show, visit the Strictly Sail Chicago website.

On the evening of Novermber 13, well over fifty Sail Chicago members and friends boarded the Columbia
Instruction Award winner Bob Lapin (center), Chairman Chris Schuler, Lead Instructor Matt Stuczynski
Chairman Chris Schuler with awardee Bob Lapin & Matt Stuczynski, Lead Instructor.
Yacht Club's "Big Blue Boat" anchored in DuSable Harbor to attend Sail Chicago's annual Post-Season Awards Dinner and Celebration.  Everyone agreed that it provided a great nautical venue for such a festive occasion.  The party gave both members and guests an opportunity to reminisce about the recent sailing season and to make preliminary plans for the next one. In the meantime, there were a variety of drinks and some fabulous food to enjoy, old and new friends to meet, and fun to be had.
This event was also a time to salute some of our volunteer members who "went beyond the call of duty" in their service to Sail Chicago.  Various program areas recognized outstanding participants in each of the following areas:
  • Maintenance Guru - Norm Linde
  • Best Sail Chicago Student - Ray Beikzadeh
  • Instructor of the Year - Bob Lapin
  • Racer of the Year - Bob Tepper
  • Volunteer of the Year - Arleen Prairie
    Pat Webster
  • Chairman's Award for Service - Pat Webster
Each honoree received an engraved beer stein and a round of hearty congratulations from those assembled.

Many, many thanks to Pat Webster, Sail Chicago's Social Director, and all her helpers who were able to create for us a truly memorable evening.  It was much appreciated by all who attended


Fulfill your Annual Service Requirement - Volunteer Opportunities Available
All Sail Chicago members must fulfill an annual service requirement before they can participate in on-the-water activities.  To check out the many volunteer opportunities in Sail Chicago,  click here.

Help our Community Outreach Programs
Please consider volunteering to skipper or crew on a weekday afternoon sail with one of our three groups that take underprivileged children sailing. Skippering five or more times will fulfill your service requirement for the following year. For more information on the Lawrence Hall Youth Services, Urban Youth, and Schuler Scholars, go to the Sail Chicago Website.

Join or Renew Your US Sailing Membership at a Discount Through MVP
Sail Chicago members can join or renew their US Sailing membership at a $10 discount through the US Sailing Member Value Partner program.

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When you shop online at Amazon Smile, Sail Chicago will receive a donation of .5% of your eligible purchases.  It's a great way to both give and receive.  To get started, click here.

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Missing Previous Issues of Between the Sheets?
You can always find the current issue and an archive of previous issues of Between the Sheets
at the first (and open to the public) page of the Sail Chicago website.  Look under "News/Newsletter."


Colgate 26
A Colgate with Chicago Skyline

It seems that the most popular boat in the Sail Chicago fleet, the Colgate 26, is also a favorite of the U.S. Navy. The Colgate 26 sailboat has been used to train Naval Academy sailors since 1999. Steve Colgate, the boat's originator, designed the boat specifically for training, with an area for the instructor behind the main cockpit where students learn to sail. The Naval Academy has ordered a total of 42 boats over the years. The 12 new boats will be used specifically for the Academy's collegiate racing program.
By Matt Stuczynski, Lead Sailing Instructor

Sail Chicago is proud to have awarded US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification to our first group of sailors this season after being certified itself this past year as a US Sailing Basic Keelboat certification school. The US Sailing Keelboat Certification System consists of seven levels of certification, offering training for complete beginners through Offshore Passagemaking for blue-water sailors.  Each successive course builds on the previous level and includes hands-on training as well as "book learning.
These students passed the on-the-water portion of the test with one of our US Sailing Basic Keelboat certified Instructors as well as an 80-question written test.  Congratulations to our new US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification holders: Diego Cerzosimo, Tom Ellett, Mark Fechner, Brian Johnson, Bob Lapin, Sergio Luntsevich, David Merrill, Corrigan Nadon-Nichols, Peter Nam, Ilya Pisarenko, Aureliusz Rempala, and Jason Wirth."

The Board met on November 12, 2015, and the following items were covered:
  • Welcome to new board member Adam Wisniewski who is taking over for Bob Lapin.  Bob has been busy on board meeting nights and could not complete his term.
  • Two new BKI instructors: Simeon Stairs and Monte Lewis.
  • A discussion was held on how to recruit new instructors.
  • All boats stored for the winter.  Storage trailer looks great!  It is very organized!
  • Marketing discussed many exciting new ideas.
  • A discussion was held regarding our cruising boat. No decisions have been made.
  • Awards to be given out at the awards banquet are:  Student--Ray Bezekideh, Instructor--Bob Lapin, Racing--Robert Tepper, Volunteer--Arleen Prairie, Chairman--Pat Webster.
Chicago Skyline
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