Waiver of Liability

I acknowledge that the sport and recreation of sailing has certain inherent risks, and I understand that safety is at all times my first responsibility when participating in Sail Chicago activities. I agree to comply fully with Sail Chicago Sailing Regulations, and all customs, procedures, and rules of Sail Chicago as published in the annual Sail Chicago Membership Handbook, the monthly sailing newsletter,” Between the Sheets”, and other notices. I affirm that I am in satisfactory physical condition concerning Sail Chicago activities to be engaged in by me, and I have either secured, or chosen not to secure, appropriate medical and personal injury and property damage insurance coverage for these activities.

I agree to release and hold harmless and agree to not sue or to make any claim against Sail Chicago, its directors, officers, members and its employees for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property including claims based on negligence, strict liability, tort or breach of contract, for any reason or cause in connection with my use of Sail Chicago sailboats or from my participation in Sail Chicago programs. My participation in Sail Chicago activities indicates knowledge of, and an assumption of all of the resulting risks, and acceptance of the preceding disclaimer of responsibility and liability.

I hereby assign and grant to Sail Chicago the right and permission to use, store, reproduce, and publish photographs, film, video tapes, sound recordings, and/or printed or electronic representations that show my image, voice, and/or likeness thereof, and I hereby release Sail Chicago from any and all liability from such use and publication. I hereby authorize the reproduction, copyright, exhibit, broadcast, publishing, electronic storage and/or distribution of said photographs, film, video tapes, and sound recordings and/or other representations of said materials without limitation at the discretion of Sail Chicago. I specifically waive any right to compensation I may have for any of the foregoing.

I hereby certify, attest and warrant that I possess the ability to swim seventy-five (75) yards in open water, in full clothing including footwear, without a lifejacket. I also attest that I possess the ability to tread water in a stationary position (without moving laterally, or swimming) without a lifejacket for a period of five (5) minutes without help or assistance of any kind.

I agree to wear a US Coast Guard-approved lifejacket while participating in any Sail Chicago activity. (This is a basic safety precaution and is required of everyone.).