Bareboat Cruising

Typical course schedule:

This course teaches the skills necessary to skipper a cruising sailboat within sight of land and bring it safely to anchor in a foreign port. All crew track the weather for 2 weeks before the course. Crew decide on menus and divide responsibility for provisioning prior to departure.

Friday: conduct thorough inspection of boat, equipment and systems; stow provisions and gear; finalize destination (based on anticipated weather); plot course with expected speed and ETA; assign watch rotations & duties; complete/submit Float Plan.

Saturday: review updated forecasts and confirm float plan; breakfast aboard (all meals are prepared on board, though the crew may choose to eat out Saturday night instead of cooking); students navigate to chosen port during daylight hours, and in sight of land. Hourly while under way, students apply charting skills taught in Intro to Coastal Navigation (prerequisite) to plot positions, calculate speed, & distance, and adjust the course or heading as needed. Students maintain the ship’s log, entering all relevant data. On arrival at the foreign port, students dock the boat, pump out/refuel as needed, navigate to the assigned slip, and secure the boat for the night.

Sunday: After sleeping aboard, students prepare breakfast, then navigate back to Chicago, plotting hourly positions and maintaining the ship’s log. Upon return (early/mid-afternoon), the boat is pumped out, re-fueled, cleaned, and lei ship-shape for the next sailors.

Prerequisite: Intro to Coastal Navigation, Basic Cruising, Sail Chicago Member

Member cost: $240

Not available to non-members

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