Basic Cruising 1 - Open water

The course curriculum is based on US Sailing Basic Cruising guidelines. Students apply sailing skills learned on the Colgate 26, and build on that knowledge our 34-foot cruising boats. Students will learn proper inspection and use of safety equipment and select marine systems commonly found on cruising boats (e.g., the galley and the head.) Students will practice operation of VHS and review safety and emergency procedures. Students will learn basic operation of navigation instruments aboard. A successful student will be able to demonstrate confident command of the helm and ability to coordinate and direct crew on a cruising boat outside the harbor.

Skills include rigging, sail trim, controlled maneuvers, when/how to use reefing and/or furling, heaving-to, anchoring techniques, and crew overboard drills.

Prerequisite: Colgate 26 Skipper Certification

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